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Roof Maxx has set a goal to help find forever families for 25,000 children waiting in foster care by 2030.

Save Money And Your Roof

Roof Maxx is a quick, easy and affordable alternative to a complicated, expensive and life-disrupting asphalt roof replacement.

When you restore a roof with Roof Maxx,

you help find a forever home for a child waiting in foster care.

Our Giving Partner

Roof Maxx is proud to support the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, a nonprofit public charity on a mission to find safe, permanent homes for the longest-waiting children in foster care. Through its national awareness campaigns and signature programs, the Foundation is dedicated to the vision that every child will have a permanent loving family.

The Key

We use the symbol of a key to represent how growing up in a forever home changes everything. We believe that by playing our part, we help open the door for every waiting child to have the opportunity for a bright future with the love and support of a forever family.

Our Goal

Each member of the Roof Maxx community, including team members, dealer partners, customers and vendors, plays a vital role in creating positive change for children lingering in foster care. Every one of us can make a difference by raising awareness of the urgent need for foster care adoption and getting involved to help.

Add Five Years Of Life To Your Roof At A Fraction Of The Cost Of A New One

Business as usual on your house

Unlike a roof replacement, RoofMaxx takes just an hour or two to apply. With no mess. No hassle. And no disruption to your community.

A 100% tax-deductible expense

Maintenance like Roof Maxx keeps your property in good condition and is a deductible expense the year you

pay for it

Consistent pricing nationwide

Roof Maxx is available all over the country. If your properties are, too, we can extend the lives of your asphalt roofs with comparable pricing nationwide.

Roof Maxx Customer's Testimonial on his 7th year

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